Hurricane Faithful

Hurricane Faithful Set To Say Goodbye To Record Holding Orange Bowl

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The Orange Bowl in Miami is one of the most famed stadiums in sports history, and tonight, the Miami Hurricanes will say goodbye to it for one last time.

The Hurricanes have made the decision not to renovate the OB, as it is so affectionately called by Canes fans, and instead will make the move north to Dolphin Stadium starting next year.

But for one last time, the lights will come on, the band will play, and the smoke will be ignited, and Hurricane players of today and yesterday will join together in saying goodbye to this magical venue.

The stadium itself is a dump by today’s standards, but that does not tell the story of a place where Super Bowls were played, concerts were seen, and most recognizably, is the owner of the longest home winning streak in college football history.

What cannot be explained is why things happen as they do in this stadium, some events bordering on the supernatural, but what will be on clear display tonight, is a love affair that has developed between the old worn down building and anyone associated with Miami Hurricane football.

Many of the great former players and coaches will be on hand for what is sure to be a monumental send off, Jon Secada is singing the national anthem and there will be a special halftime event including players that have spanned many generations.

The night will belong to the Canes and their fans, and by the end of the night many tears will be shed, a sure sign by everybody involved as to what this iconic place meant to them individually.

But, it is as a group that they will say goodbye to one of the most cherished relationships in sports history, and for a stadium to have that effect on people, there will be no doubting its place in history.…

Gambling History

Gambling History Leans Towards Favorites in NFL This Week

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This week, gamblers took a major hit when the top twenty five got mangled in college football action, now the NFL must bail out these bettors before they sink.

The trends in sports gambling are relatively easy to find. When gamblers are up, they push and lose, and when they are down, they chase and lose, but on a week with so many upsets on Saturday, the trend says that the NFL should have the favorites cover this week.

Many games this week will be stressful for bettors around the World as Saturday’s college football action was potentially so disastrous that Sunday will be the last hope to recoup any lost money.

The games themselves lean towards the favorites covering, especially since it is rare that the upsets occur in both college and pros on the same weekend.

A couple games to keep an eye on are the Bears traveling to face the Lions on the road, with Chicago in a must win situation, the chances are good that they have a strong showing.

Green Bay plays against division rival Minnesota and with the Packers at 3-0 and the Vikings 1-2, a loss for Minnesota could be crippling in the divisional race.

Other games of importance this early in the season are Seattle at San Francisco, Tampa Bay at Carolina, Denver at Indy, and Kansas City at San Diego.

With such a troublesome day for gamblers on Saturday, the only logical idea would be that the favorites will have a better day on Sunday. If not, gambling losses could accumulate much quicker then in past years.…